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ESTA's Snaps

Anonymous: Did you get serious blog attention before Andre discovered you? What'd you do to get found?

Naaah. Soulection isnt really on tumblr like that. I been on tumblr and utilized it for music for a while so i gained a following on here earlier

Anonymous: hey what happened to 'throwback beats'? those tracks were the epitome of nostalgia :P

got tired cats jacking my beats so i had to take alot down lol

Anonymous: Playing a UK dates anytime soon>> ?

europe tour next month<3

Anonymous: Say you're in a pretty musically closed minded area. How do you get your music to fresh ears?

Be open minded. Theres no other way to be lol. You cant progress when you’re not willing.

Anonymous: If I wanted to start mixing and making music like Soulection how would you suggest I start?

Make good music for yourself and you’ll find your way. Dont try and fit our sound/style. Let yours come to you naturally

Anonymous: hey man just curious, but what tools do you use for you dj sets?

just serato mane

Anonymous: How do you feel about jersey club?

i fk w/ some tbh

Anonymous: do you know what that song name was in your vine when youre driving that goes like "not a day goes by when i dont think of you"?

i posted it on my tumblr recently. i forgot the name tho

Anonymous: I really enjoy shooting with Polaroid cameras, next time I go to your show lets get a pic breauxdy

Holler at me

michaelpeeee: I understand why you wouldn't play in SD anymore because SD is about that fist-pumping -EDM shit nowadays. Your music is dope bro, I wish SD wasn't about that life..

I found out that its not that SD doesnt have bad taste but SD doesnt really have any taste. Alot of people are uneducated and they only know what they hear is “good” music. But then again that’s just my opinion though.

vsvplord: Why don't you like playing in SD?

I’ve never left a gig in SD satisfied. I love SD and all but nobody really likes to come out to gigs man. I know there are supporters out here too. I just dont get it lol

Anonymous: esta. will you be playing in san diego anytime soon?

Nooo. I hate to say it but i lowkey really dislike playing in SD. It breaks my heart lol.

Anonymous: How old are you? And at what age did you start producing?

22, 23 next month. i started messing around with it in 06