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ESTA's Snaps

Anonymous: What's up man. I need some advice So let's say You have a vision of something. A music video, an event, a song or something. In your mind its this BIG thing, but you lack the resources and the capital for it. Do you go through with it and do the low budget version of your dreams or push it back until you somehow get the resources and capital?I do my music because I love it but I have this vision that I can only make semi-possible by my self. Everyone in my circle is money hungry and I can't s

Hmm.. I’d say save it til you do it how you imagine it and not settle for anything less. Work towards being able to make it come to fruition. Baby steps tho.. Quality takes time

thrizzyflores: dream collab?

me & yo mama

jk, probably most def.

livefor10sec: I plan on heading over to cali for the back to basics concert and thought about looking for some real good tattoo artists, do you recommend any over there?


Anonymous: Hi, would you come to Bangkok? I'd love to meet you in person. As Francis, not ESTA.

nobody wants francis lol

Anonymous: What is your favorite track of yours to listen to?

hruby is always gonna be a personal favorite haha

Anonymous: When do you think you'll come to London again after the soulection shows this month??

idk, whenever someone books me i guess

Anonymous: Do you think the European Tour will top the Asia tour?

I do think so actually. I’ve heard majority of the shows are actually sold out already… thats nuts.

Anonymous: I heard that you learned a lot from Youtube. Who on there did you learn mixing and mastering from? Your mixes sound real clean

I didnt learn any mixing/mastering on youtube. Its all trial and error man. I think my mixes are terrible lol

Anonymous: How long did that beat take to make on French Press' video?

like 20 mins lol its mad basic hahaha

Anonymous: What Quantize do you use in Ableton? The MPC ones?

i d k i just quantize man lol

Anonymous: any tips for incoming producers?

Be creative, pay attention to details, and want it more than the next person

Anonymous: Did you get serious blog attention before Andre discovered you? What'd you do to get found?

Naaah. Soulection isnt really on tumblr like that. I been on tumblr and utilized it for music for a while so i gained a following on here earlier

Anonymous: hey what happened to 'throwback beats'? those tracks were the epitome of nostalgia :P

got tired cats jacking my beats so i had to take alot down lol

Anonymous: Playing a UK dates anytime soon>> ?

europe tour next month<3

Anonymous: Say you're in a pretty musically closed minded area. How do you get your music to fresh ears?

Be open minded. Theres no other way to be lol. You cant progress when you’re not willing.